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Every inch of skin are perceived by the cell, love and hate it all hollister bettys remember. Dead love memories is the edge of the table surface pumping paper, every day, as usual, the day will finish. Life is short, than give up is more painful to watch each other far away. Perhaps the other side does not want to go back, the heart fragile – even just hanging on someone’s lips would let his heart uncomfortable. Look, complete, you will say the wrong people no matter how long will meet again; and the stranger, you will say good horse does not eat grass. Language is strange, as people’s minds, guess not tired? Believe more and more, the people who know you don’t need to explain. This has nothing to do with time, and distance dependent. Like fall in love at first sight, you what standard, in love with you is you, you can’t run away to escape, don’t promise me pull you jump into the river.
A city, a man, miss lonely are back not to see. Every drop, every twinkle hollister cologne and smile, some thoughts into the sweet memories. I said: the most don’t like thing is I love a man to say sorry to me. This city, every year what changes have what different? Walking in the city and what changes have what different?
In the dead of night, the bright neon. It is best to slippers out wet body wrapped in a towel pattered along, lying in bed cool hair. The body becomes dry, dry hair. Eileen Chang said that the best live in a high-rise building, even change your clothes on the balcony are never mind. I’m didn’t like curtains to sleep, if I can’t sleep can also see the window hollister music scenery, the covered on a closed the gates of the city. I’d like to live in tall Eileen Chang said, do not pull the curtain also can change clothes. Feeling sexy women are proprietary vocabulary, sensibility is forget not cannot do without reluctant, sexy silk pajamas slide body.