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There is a named “era” posters, Changsha bus stop hollister size chart on Chaplin, Bruce Lee and Marilyn Monroe, “Yang Lan interview” also have “note of a man and his era”. Monroe’s classic lens – Metro wind from blowing up a skirt pavement layers of waves. This sexy woman is bare die, her death is also a world of mystery. Another beautiful flowers withered how sad beauty is sad.
The significance of clothing is not only warm and privacy, is becoming a symbol — your personal identity and taste. I’ll think of what to wear before sleep every night before going to bed every day, the best rank, a Monday circulation. Change my mood, also in a different state of mind. Perhaps, this is I mildly neurotic.
Everyone put their values dream desire and so on into my dream, everyone is holding her own dream, dreamed. This dream is not asleep. Heart, into things, hollowed out with it, like this back and forth, back and forth. I always love the night, can cause different mood love are not the same.
The end of the day’s work, a day in the life. The waist length hair, rub with hollister bettys cleansing cotton cleansing water. Take off clothes, take off the shackles of my appearance, off the limit of my reality. Feet feet is the most comfortable shoes, slippers. The warm water rinse temperature to remain in the body of the witness, milk bath is gentle and soft, slippery skin bath. The skin of the self purification capacity is strong, every summer on the legs of the scar after a year will slowly fade, if the heart have the same skin good. The bathroom is a mirror, lift up head to spray the hair, wet water from head to foot. Push one’s face, open your eyes and see themselves as naked as when one was born — the most true to yourself. Plain Yan, naked, disheveled hair, no modification of the true. Breathing, memories, blank, not bow to the phrase.
Simple is a kind of quality, clean is a state. How life, how the people around him, drawn to the experience is worth the eyes once with his eyes. Sitting in the KFC to see outside the rush of pedestrians, fast car — then you only is stationary, or regard themselves as static, thousands of the world, numerous living beings, only you. The outside world hollister bags forever, we decided to us is the same thing in mind. The baby mouth nipple, like jelly candy, years of color paper cannot do without.