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To the service job for two months, leading to write something about myself here. hollister shop Would want to write what, did something to write about……
21 years old, my age. 21 graduated from University, diploma is not high, the ability is not strong, the family is not good,…… Such as the successful personage character, conduct there is no place. The end school career into the society, with the young man’s unique dedication to the west.
“Go west, young life that is shining glory, like a soldier, is a good choice, is correct……” I told myself and friends before the battle.
Indeed, to the west is glorious, like a soldier, and they like us in the dedication of youth and ideal. Away from their parents here, away from the the Yellow River River, bid farewell to the 20 years of school life — temporary or long time.
Yes, we are really in the dedication, place oneself in others’position, tangible in dedication.
However, I also suddenly embarrassed. What should we offer? No mind, no hollister store one’s ability and cleverness, did not create any wealth for the local elders (whether mental or physical).
I can’t feel my dedication, no need to feel. Do not want to hang a glorious volunteer aura a day, one day of the expiration of the term of service at home, the students asked what you give, how to answer? No one get out of the “glory”
Point out the actual, tangible, rely on our subjective initiative, create value and wealth, the mind and the role play of our students, with the sense of solitude — and I want to win.
During the university students’ Union, greatly small activities, participate in many units, to deja vu: we do plan and cooperate to distribute according to a plan of work and implementation plan, we have to work, the results and conclusions, we ostomy supplies summarize advanced experience also — that is — although some lower.

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Life sometimes makes people tired, it is about the human to make hollister dublin difficult choices in the positive and negative.
Positive and negative to pay, can temporarily make people “happy” in exhausted outside.
How much time of self indulgence, how many times tears wet the pillow, wake up once again set foot on the life of no return, one day, the two day…… Life is like water passing.
Cannot bear to think of the past, looking back at the people want to remember that once belonged to his childhood years? People, not to look forward to? Once remember someone said, if the people to often recall ever day, shows that age is no longer a blossoming years. I, Is it right? Has entered the ranks?
What do people live for? Hope? Or the responsibility? Future is always hollister coupon bring the unknown, the unknown or bring the mysterious, people, perhaps is the nature of the rich fantasy animal. See other animal can flying in the sky, he imagined himself could have a day to fly, no wings, can bind, no can borrow other power; hence the hypothesis, after hundreds of thousands of “invincible” idea of training and support, finally can fly in the sky. This resp. This responsibility, which is to live in reality experience, live for others, to love yourself you should love people live, this is a real responsibility.
Man is an animal that, there is love in our mind, there are about heart, have responsibility heart, have their own good heart, in tears and sweat alternate more or less in the harvest of their own want to harvest.
Man is a surface on the strong and the hypocrisy of the animal, so, again painstakingly again tears also few people shed tears in front of others; so people find another way to release your feelings – men like to drink, smoking; woman due is made of water, only one copy. But also somebody is not made of water, and solid as strong, all her tears can hollister locations only stay in your bed.

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Bid farewell to the three sleepless nights, we with joy, we have dreams, hollister dublin drive in the autumn of September, we came to the beautiful Yunnan Normal University. This is a magical land, our initial dream, the ideal, will be here in a flash, implementation! A star, make a wish, the next year, he will be here for germination.
In this piece of land, we are full of passion, that moment, we have become a real proud of college students, high school three years practice proved. Every corner of the University, we are full of curiosity, have no fixed classroom, the classroom is looking for trouble; the first live in student apartments, a comfortable dormitory and happy; a week only 20 classes, to have plenty of free time to feel excited. University, we can twelve points before sleep, then after twelve it up; we can not go to class, we can find out the things you want to do; we can free love……
The happy time always short, I wasn’t ready, didn’t have enough time, the hollister perfume word “I” has quietly become the others call, on some of my Xu Xingfen, because we are a university experience of people, we have grown here for a year, we have harvest. I have the confusion, the university will not see their own pursuit of the people, become can guide others, let others define their target people; by the public could not say words, came to power as a so afraid of people, become can speak with fervour and assurance, in front of hundreds of people loud speaker. Here, I saw my growth, see my progress, see my metamorphosis.
University, witness our growth, I can sow freedom here, planted hollister locations the tree seeds of hope, he will be here to germinate, harvest the results we want. Our dream fly here, our ideal can achieve here!